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Buy Silver Online & The End Of The Local Coin Shop?

from GoldSilverBitcoin:

Does buying silver online mean the end of the coin shop?

How to buy silver online is hardly a no-brainer. There has practically been a rush (pardon the pun) to buy silver online as silver garners a lot of attention in the press and has for the past decade. This spike in interest has taken place during the rise of -e-commerce, and the silver market has not shied away therefrom. However, in 2002-2003 many of those who bought silver, did not buy silver online. They bought silver differently. Is this way of silver procurement going the way of the dinosaur?

At the beginning of the silver bull market, the internet was not as prevalent. That means people were going into local coin shops and buying silver. This worked fine for the silverbug. But, over time, the interest in silver has increased, and this can be seen online at Google Trends via the search term “silver bullion.”

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