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MUST WATCH: Silver & Gold’s SMOKING COMEX GUN – Mike Maloney & Grant Williams

from whygoldandsilver :

For those wondering what the recent drawdown in COMEX and GLD stocks mean – please watch this video recorded in the boardroom moments ago. Grant Williams of Vulpes Asset Management joins CEO Michael Maloney to connect the dots on what may be some of the most important events of the last few years.

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10 comments to MUST WATCH: Silver & Gold’s SMOKING COMEX GUN – Mike Maloney & Grant Williams

  • Jonathan

    Re-hypothecation is not ethical it directly affects price by affecting supply and demand. There is no logical reason to allow these criminals to engage in this practice.

  • Jonathan

    The only reason they allow the criminals to do it is so they can make money but it hurts the gold miners and the common person who invests in gold. Claiming it’s acceptable to allow this to go on because corrupt politicians already allow it to go on is ridiculous.

    • Hannon

      Be thankful they are running their scheme, because if they weren’t the common man(most of us here) wouldn’t be able to do any stacking in preparation of what ever the next monetary system is that they try to force on us.

      • Sergio of the Jungle

        Being thankful that you have enough cake to eat is akin to Marie Antoinette’s ministers guffawing over the same issue. I know there’s not much you can do about it other than what you are already doing but isn’t it a bit raw to be gloating and rejoicing over this? I’m not thankful at all. I’m stacking but not looking forward to the inevitable increase in their command control over all of us, regardless what we have stacked.

        • Hannon

          I’m not saying to be thankful a bunch of psychopaths are lording over us like a bunch of serfs, I’m just saying to be thankful your wise to their scheme while you have a chance to stack. When they decide not to or can’t rig those PMs to the downside you’ll be priced out of them, I’m just saying be thankful your in a position to acquire, not be thankful you need to. There’s a lot of people who are going to wish they did or had the means to.

          Ultimately, I wish I didn’t have to even think about stuff like this, I wish I could crack open a beer and watch something on tv like everything was fine

          • Jonathan

            I’m with you. I’m glad I woke up and bought metals. I keep seeing articles about the coming race to make money in space. The only way the Fascist Corporate Pigs can keep their position is to inspire the world with a corporate space race and their going to need our physical metals to do it.

  • Phil Downunder

    I can’t wait until the World wakes up to the shenagins of the Central Banks and the criminal behaviour of the Banking System in general. I wouldn’t want to be a banker on that day.

  • Jonathan

    I wish I had the cash to get a big position in platinum and palladium but gold is king when the corporate space race comes. Hold on cause they’re going to jack up the market quick then their minions in the media are going to say sell it’s going to crash then it’s going to dip like it did this spring then the corporate space race will come and (dare I say it) $10,000 gold is possible.

    • hatch381

      That’s some pretty strong market action predictions Jonathan. You got any idea when these events will occur?

      • lastmanstanding

        Hatch…silver is the only metal on the earth that God created that keeps their game of slavery going…shit like this is always shortlived. tech always runs it course.

        if we use it as money like it was intended, the game is over.

        hell is their only alternative.

        I’ll be happy to be just left alone…

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