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Brazil may contact Snowden to aid snooping probe

from The BRICS Post:

Brazil says it may contact whistleblower Edward Snowden to clarify reports of NSA spying on Brazilians.

The country’s Foreign Minister Antonio Patriota made the announcement during a Senate hearing.

“I don’t rule out the hypothesis of seeking out contact with Mr Snowden, something that doesn’t need to be carried out on Brazilian territory,” he said.

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff also confirmed on Wednesday that reports of probes into the allegations are awaited and a decision on future steps would be taken soon.

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1 comment to Brazil may contact Snowden to aid snooping probe

  • steelerdude

    my brothers uncle sisters nephews cousin had snowden in chair duct taped in a chair in Ohio ….near beavercreek….

    he keeps asking for 2 double doubles from in-n-out with a side animal fries

    I told him “not until you give us the top level secret that will put the whitehouse to ….”

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