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Barnaby Jack, World’s Most Elite Computer Hacker, Dead At 35

by George Orwell’s Ghost, TruthStream Media:

Editor’s Note: Is there a covert war going on against journalists who speak out against the establishment agenda and hackers who attempt to expose it? Aaron Swartz (prosecuted, dead at age 26, pronounced suicide), Bradley Manning (on trial for whistleblowing), Michael Hastings (dead at age 33 in suspicious car wreck), Barrett Brown (arrested for what many consider to be retribution for government leaks, being held without bail and facing federal charges), Edward Snowden (blew the lid off the NSA PRISM Internet spying scandal is on the run seeking asylum abroad)…and the list continues to grow.

Isn’t anyone suspicious there’s a major purge going on at this point? Because everyone should be.

Chris Carrington
The Daily Sheeple
July 26th, 2013

Barnaby Jack, reputed to be one of the best computer hackers on the planet and head of embedded devices at security firm IOActive, is dead. The 35 year old was highly respected in computer security circles, often finding ‘back doors’ into systems that left them open to cyber attacks.

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