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Army tightens grip in Egypt with crackdown on Muslim Brotherhood

Egypt’s military moved swiftly to establish control over the country’s levers of power on Thursday, confirming it had placed ex-President Mohammed Morsi under arrest and pulling the plug on pro-Muslim Brotherhood television stations.

by Richard Spencer, The Telegraph:

The chief justice, Adly Mansour, was hastily sworn in as interim president. “I swear to preserve the system of the republic, and respect the constitution and law, and guard the people’s interests,” he said, his oath of office filmed live on state television.

But for the moment the real power lay with General Abdulfattah al-Sisi. A senior officer confirmed to AFP news agency that Mr Morsi was under “preventative arrest” and might face serious charges relating to his brief time in office.

“We had to confront it at some point, this threatening rhetoric,” the officer said. “He succeeded in creating enmity between Egyptians.”

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1 comment to Army tightens grip in Egypt with crackdown on Muslim Brotherhood

  • Iguana One

    I fear the United States is heading for the same scenario.
    But not until after America suffers as the Egyptians did.
    Our gummit,full of corruption, must be replaced with individual States coming together to form a truly “independent’ people.
    But alas, lo’ and behold, the tide approached. America will swell into a failed, shattered and unfortunately……violent hive of dissident pockets.
    yes, we will survive. Egypt is a harbinger of a new world order. So much has yet to manifest. Only God knows where all this will ultimately stop.

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