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American Fukushima in the Works

from RTAmerica:

The Tokyo Electric Power Company just admitted that ever since the 2011 earthquake, radioactive water from Fukushima’s nuclear site has been steadily leaking into the ocean. As terrifying as that is, a number of alarming incidences have happened to nuclear plants here in the US – any of which could quickly turn catastrophic. As our aging plants continue to need expensive, dangerous maintenance, is it time to reconsider the nuclear option altogether?

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3 comments to American Fukushima in the Works

  • prestodo

    The risks associated with Nuclear Energy are simply too great. Unlike coal strip mining and natural gas fracking (as bad as these two are for the enironment) at least “fossil” fuel use will eventually heal in the environment over time, maybe a hundred or two hundred years. Nuclear will take literally tens of millions of years to go away. Hello???!!!! Who thought that Nuclear Energy was a good idea. It is impossible to recover from a Nuclear disaster, the only thing that can be done is to cover it up, just like they’re doing in Fukushima and other plants around the U.S.

  • dan

    stop coal power ..stop nuclear power……and your suggestions for replacement power….I can’t hear your …did your electricity go off

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