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#1 Daily Downloaded Podcast in the World, Adam Carolla “Doesn’t Care” About NSA Crimes, Neither Do Most Americans: Here’s Why They Should

Adam Carolla is a talented, driven guy. He’s a family man who enjoys racing and collecting expensive cars. The Adam Carolla Show is also the “World’s #1 Daily Downloaded Podcast”. Given his vast audience and his regular appearances on shows like Fox News “The O’Reilly Factor’, Carolla’s voice yields some power in the court of public opinion.

Which is exactly what makes the June 7th, 2013 broadcast of the Adam Carolla Show noteworthy. During the news segment of the show while talking about the revelations of NSA crimes against the American people, Adam quickly came to this shocking conclusion: “I don’t care.” Guests Seth Rogan and Adam Goldberg along with daily contributor Alison Rosen agreed.

But this story isn’t really about Adam Carolla. We’re just using his take on the NSA’s vast crimes to paint a much bigger picture. This is a story about the American public at large who for the most part feels the same way as Adam does. They DON’T CARE. Here’s WHY they SHOULD. [Warning: Some foul language.]

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38 comments to #1 Daily Downloaded Podcast in the World, Adam Carolla “Doesn’t Care” About NSA Crimes, Neither Do Most Americans: Here’s Why They Should

  • acjitsu

    “Who cares?”, “I don’t give a shit”, “Who gives a f..k?”, “Who do you know that’s got their shit f..ked with?” . This man is not witty, he is not funny and he is not smart. He is a moron and an arrogant jerk, which is easily determined by his sophomoric use of language.

    • NaySayer

      You are right and perhaps those who do care should hit Mr. Carolla where it will actually get his attention which is in his wallet.

      I suggest those who did actually listen to this idiot who laughs all the way to the bank while this country dies, Boycott him.

      Boycott him and tell all your friends, coworkers etc. to boycott him as well.

  • Eric

    The apathy and decadence, narcissism and ignorance of the sheeple is exactly what has already destroyed America. Exactly what the elite want. I still have hope, but if you don’t care about anything besides yourself, what good are you? You are worthless. You sold your soul already. Few really comprehend what that statement means. Salvation comes through knowledge. Knowledge is power. Something that is cheap, abundant and oversold, yet few bother to acquire any.

    I don’t bother listening to ignorant morons who talk all the time anymore. It’s a waste of my energy. It’s a waste of my power, my time, my existence in this body and this lifetime. It’s a waste.

  • Abbi

    🙂 <3! Wonderful compilation!

    • SGT

      Thx, for brevity’s sake I will probably do a cut down version of this at some point.

      • Abbi

        Cut down? Good heavens no! Do not cut anything.

      • John Adams


        Please respond to this post as you requested I did answer your question you posed to me.


        I’ll view this post and leave a comment if appropriate later.

        • SGT

          Good find, “It’s introduced that this gold store made a 3 days special promotion on Dragon Boat Festival, each customer may only purchase one item. The gold price is around $10 cheaper per gram than the regular price. And, to make it more competitive, there is only 15 minutes to choose the desired item.” Although I would say that a short, broken English blurb on the Chinanavis website is not the easiest thing to find. With that said, if Zero Hedge was wrong and “failed to verify their story”, why are you busting my chops?

          • John Adams


            Straight up, I going to hold you to account on this one. It’s a matter of honesty and integrity, I think you have that in you but let’s see, I could have been wrong about you…

            There’s numerous of references to the Chinese promotion, not just this, just google it like I said it but clearly you failed to do. You could have even google translated the original Chinese news stories on it.

            Bust your chops???
            That’s more than a little hypocritical, let me remind you…

            YOU STATED:
            “for 19% discount on bullion if I remember correctly.” — I don’t think you do.

            “I don’t think you do?”
            With respect who’s the one being condescending here? Who’s busting who’s chops? I don’t recall ever mocking you, I used the words ‘with respect’ and stated factually the truth.

            YOU STATED:
            A 19% or higher PREMIUM to spot, yes. Discounts to spot, no.

            I STATED:
            Do you admit to being corrected? Do you retract your comment? Did you do your homework and background before propagating a falsehood? Did you even bother to check what I was saying before challenging me?

            You are clearly “passing the buck” on this on. You posted the article, wrongfully mocked me rather provocatively whilst you were the one incorrect, failed to check, propagated a falsehood, continued to mislead people by reusing an unreliable source after being told several times. Who’s doing the wrong here?

            Attacking honest posters pointing out the truth? Are you interested in the truth any more, don’t you want to correct yourself and the misrepresentation to your audience? Don’t you value people DYODD and helping to bring the truth light?


            Further you stated it was a stampede… It wasn’t.

            YOU STATED:
            If 10,000 people standing in line to buy physical precious metals doesn’t constitute a “stampede”, I’m not sure what does.

            I STATED:
            Further, 10,000 is not a stampede it was a promotion. It was a localised unusual event (not widespread), surely this should have piked your curiosity. Why are there 10,000 at the dragon boat festival only? What makes this different? What more is there to this story that I’m not being told? You know China has 1.4 Billion people? 10,000 is miniscule. If we see a global stampede it will be mind blowing. This was not it and there has been no effect on price, it’s falling! TPTB won’t be able to control a real stampede as less than 1% of the world wealth is invested in gold.

            I finish with I like gold and silver and think that everyone should own some but not to fall for clear propaganda. The price has been dropping fast and may continue. Further it is certainly a possibility that gold and silver may never fulfill the expectations of the Guru’s and PM holders and that should be a consideration. It’s a risk in life just like anything else.

            People are losing fiat with a possibility that things may not live up to expectations. You must be aware of that. Good people who have invested may lose out. I hope not and own PMs but it’s certainly possible. We do not know the future not matter how strong our convictions may be, we all could be wrong.

            Back to the point, I remind you one more time Sean…
            “I don’t think you do?”

            Be a man please, stand up for what you said. Were you wrong? If so what do you want to say? (where have the manner gone in this day and age?)

      • Rudenewt

        This is perfect just as is. Don’t change a thing. Except for listing to that clown.

  • Praxis

    Really glad you got Dawson and Tice in there.
    Sean. This is magic. In my opinion it’s a bit heavy on the “I don’t care” and AJ is always more than an earful unless you know what to expect, but I can see it being halved and still carry the same weight spear of common sense and truth. Ending was brilliant with Cenk Uygur.

    • SGT

      Thank you Praxis. I’ll try to cut a revised, shorter version in the near future. I was on the fence with this format/edit, but wanted to get it out there.

  • JC

    He doesn’t care as long as he is enriched as a marginally talented comedian. Wait until he is part of a bail in attempt-he’ll sing a different tune then. He, like most others, will not wake up until his goodies are taken away.

  • rico

    What is most disturbing about this is that an individual, who has the number one Podcast Show doesn’t care that the Federal Government is looking at PRIVATE phone records, texts and emails in CLEAR VIOLATION OF THE FOURTH AMENDMENT TO THE US CONSTITUTION. I wonder when he and those of his ilk will start to care? This will likely occur after it is too late. I mean what is next???

    • DaveL

      That would be THE POINT in a nutshell…the number one podcast host is as ignorant, uninformed, and asleep as the SHEEPLE that contribute the statistics that make this podcast #1. Or, Adam is ONE-OF-THEM. Either way, “I don’t give a fu*k”.

  • Thunder Child

    Nicely done SGT, if there is one thing other than the NSA domestic spying that Snowdens Leaks has showed us it is how many people are part of and dependent on the current system.

  • rich

    Dirty Wars author Jeremy Scahill: is journalism being criminalised? – video interview

    In the wake of whistleblower Edward Snowden’s leak of NSA files, Jeremy Scahill, author of Dirty Wars: The World is a Battlefield and featured reporter in the new documentary film of the same name, says under the Obama administration journalists are being intruded upon and whistleblowers are being charged with crimes. Scahill is also a national security correspondent for the Nation

  • Hoser

    Who the fuck is Adam Corolla? If I want his opinion, I’ll give it to him! Grab your muskets boys?

  • jerry

    who do you know ? the city of boston for starters on my list

  • I think it was a very powerful statement and a masterpiece of editing. The theme was “I don’t care!” It needed to be driven home. Excellent.

    • SGT

      very glad you liked it, thanks much for the feedback Larry.

      • You have gained a very powerful voice Sean and I admire what you have done. I can’t believe how fast you mounted your web site even though I hope your web masters learn how to not mix up titles and content. This is only a constructive comment and I hope it doesn’t piss anyone off. The fact that when you click on previous and you just get a repeat of the same page until you scroll way down should be fixed too. Is this Joomla? Anyway it is a site I visit several times a day. I will say I can’t believe how much content you spew out and it’s very well chosen.

    • fayz

      completely agree with Larry

      The reasons why the usa is in the state it is today is very simple to understand. it is completely controlled by international jewery/zionism.

      please see this video: (ex jew turned greek orthodox christian, i also suggest subscibing to his youtube channel, many truths are explained, and the reasoning behind them are also explained but from a jewish perspective, the kind of truths they would never what you ‘goyin’ to ever know. becuase knowledge is power and they prefer to keep the masses in the dark, easier to exact their plans on you that way.

      time to get angry.

      i could go on, but this is information that every one should know, your perspective on ‘the news’ on tv will change for good if it hasn’t already.

      my best

      • I believe that Zionists are not real Jews (whatever that is) I believe that they are Luciferians (Satanists) and actually believe their evil religion. The average Jew is neither a Satanist or anti-Goy but I think they are being set up as scapegoats again in case their push for one world tyranny fails.

        • NaySayer

          I thought the muslems were the new scapegoats? Seems that way to me although there are plenty of people running around stating that the nwo are all jews, even though I don’t think the queens of england & the netherlands are, or the rockfellers or the bush family, the clintons, Brezinski (i thought he was an atheist) etc.

          I just don’t like to see anybody making this about religion when it is really about behavior. I don’t care what anybody has for a religion, if they commit crimes then they are criminals. Criminals come in all religions and all need to be tried, found guilty and executed not just the jewish nwo criminals of which there are definately some like the rothschilds. But they all have to face the music and not scapegoat the jewish ones only so that the rest are free to just start this same old criminal crap up again.

  • adjaf

    translation: I don’t care… as long as it is not me.

    And there is your problem with the sheeple.

  • fayz

    this is the most important one to watch!

    its only 3 minutes! and explains why todays jews aren’t the people of God becuase they don’t follow the torah they follow the talmud. Which Jesus (AS) himself complained about as the talmudic teaches were prevalent during his life but was pasted orally and was not a text at that time.

  • This is where I informed myself and another site connected to this. I have had a few Jewish friends who I got to know very well under many conditions and don’t feel threatened by average Jews. I have listened to this guy’s rants before and he doesn’t really ever tell me anything I don’t already know. Since I think all religions are evil I have trouble sometimes listening to people invoke hatred against other religions. I think we have our own God in our heart and have no need of ‘organized as in mafia’ religion. People are naturally good. I lived in 7 countries and speak three languages. Most are good.


    John Friend is only 29 years old & he has been attacked on numerous occasions, Lost his job due to the ADL contacting his employer, this only happens if you are hitting the target.

    • NaySayer

      I’ve known people who would fire employees if they found out they weren’t the “right” kind of christian. People who don’t think catholics are really christians, only evangelicals are blah blah blah.

      There is plenty of hate to go around in all groups. I don’t care about anybody’s religion I only care about their behavior. If they are criminals then they have committed crimes that can be proved in a court of law (not these fake courts that wink at any crime committed by the nwo). That is the only thing that matters. A free country does not regulate belief, they do not tell people how to worship as long as that worship breaks no fundamental laws.

      • Lovebird

        Well said Nay
        The hate here is the same scum

        • NaySayer

          So is part of christianity and many other religions. They tel you to stone your neighbor, they tell you to keep slaves etc. All of which is hateful. Why pick on only one bunch of people who have some bad members?

          • Lovebird

            why don’t preach against the satanist vatican ?
            I think Jesus meant they are the synagouge of satan.
            Youre focusing on jews while we are in u.s and most of us are christians
            so let’s fix our own problems instead of jewish problem…

  • Scott

    Couldn’t help but notice the irony in accusing others of narcissism then saying “I don’t care”.

  • Joe

    The video clip showing a (local) police agency going to a domestic disturbance call is a bit out of contex, this is not really related to the spirit of this video regarding spying is it?

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