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Will Electronic Tattoos Replace Internet Passwords And All Other Forms Of Identification?

from End of the American Dream:

Would you wear an electronic tattoo if you couldn’t log on to the Internet without one?  That may sound crazy to many of you, but the technology for such a system already exists.  RFID tattoos have existed for quite some time, and they are already being used on animals.  But now an entirely new generation of electronic tattoos are being developed that can monitor your vital signs, interact with your mobile phone and even communicate directly with your mind.  These new electronic tattoos are thinner than a human hair, and they are going to fundamentally transform the way that we think about human identification.  Right now, the Internet is being absolutely plagued by hackers and identity theft has become a multi-billion dollar enterprise.  It is becoming increasingly difficult to determine if someone is actually who they say that they are.  And as even more of our commerce gets conducted through the Internet, identity security is going to be absolutely critical.  Without a doubt, there will continue to be a push for more secure forms of identification than we have today.  But there is also a very dark side to this kind of technology.  What if someday a tyrannical government decides to make a permanent electronic tattoo for identification purposes mandatory for all citizens?  What if you are not able to buy, sell, get a job, have a bank account or log on to the Internet without “proper identification”?  What if the price for receiving your tattoo is to swear absolute allegiance to that tyrannical government? 

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1 comment to Will Electronic Tattoos Replace Internet Passwords And All Other Forms Of Identification?

  • nixie

    we already microchip our animals, and pay a yearly service fee to our Local Government Agency for it. It dont seem too far fetched for my Mentalink (Gov. Agency) to do the same on Humanoids in the near future. Those who rely on handouts will get swiped first 😉

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