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Wesley Clark Says American People Like NSA Stasi State Spying On Them

by Kurt Nimmo, Infowars:

On Thursday, CNN’s Erin Burnett continued the establishment’s propaganda onslaught against the “leaker” Edward Snowden. After fatuously mischaracterizing Snowden as a “hacker,” Brown introduced former General Wesley Clark and Peter Brookes of the Heritage Foundation, the lobbying outfit that takes money from the neocon Scaife Foundations run by the CIA operative and Operation Mockingbird asset Richard Mellon Scaife.

Clark, a notorious war criminal who used cluster bombs and depleted uranium on civilians during his rein as the Supreme Commander of NATO forces, said the American people love the idea of the government illegally and unconstitutionally spying on them. Clark told Burnett the “American people are solidly behind the prism program and all that’s going on,” never mind numerous polls indicating the American people are steadfastly opposed to the government’s surveillance programs.

Brookes underscored the establishment’s claim that Snowden is a spy guilty of espionage despite the fact he is not accused of working for a foreign government. “He’s a 30-year-old spy. He’s been charged with espionage,” Brookes insisted.

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2 comments to Wesley Clark Says American People Like NSA Stasi State Spying On Them

  • dan are full of shit…..

    • Ed_B

      Of course he is. He isn’t a warrior. He is a “political” general who got his high rank by brown-nosing every politician who could possibly help his career. Men like him absolutely disgust every true warrior who understands that duty, country, honor, service, sacrifice, and integrity are not mere words that can be used for their own selfish and nefarious purposes.

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