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Watching The Erosion Of America Before Our Very Eyes

by Suzanne Hamner, Freedom Outpost:

I may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer but I can say that I am not the inanimate doorknob on the bathroom door. Per the Daily Caller and the Blaze, the IRS is requesting video surveillance equipment to support its mission; Obama is chastising opposition to the “new” immigration bill while entertaining the idea to allow 1.6 million Syrian refugees into the country; the majority of the American public doesn’t mind the government is spying on them; Boehner condemns the NSA whistle-blower as a traitor; female White House staffers are paid less than men while Obama encourages company CEO’s to bring their female employees wages more in line with male employees; while every individual involved in the numerous scandals continuing to unfold under the Obama Administration lies not only to the Congress but the American public. Does anyone besides me see there is something definitely wrong with this picture?

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