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2 comments to US GOVT GOLD SCANDAL WORSE than IRS SCANDAL! – Bill Murphy

  • nicholas simpson

    Hello form hervey bay ,queensland australia.patiently wainting for a black swan.i cant see this lasting much longer.i have my food supply I have my silver.i think the world we be in such a mess I will not get a chance to spend my money.i would assume being able to meet basic needs will be a priority.i would not like to be in the u s when this all comes unstuck.Love this site and thankyou for all your information and support.i have been promoting silver and I can take credit for having $500,000 worth of silver removed from the system and stored in valts.i will keep spreading the word as there is enough profit for anyone who will listen.thanks again,nicholas.

    • Hannon

      Before a black swan happens they’ll just start a big war(ww3), they’d rather nuke the planet before they gave up there money powers, most likely an east vs west type of thing would be my guess. One thing you have going on down in Oz(hope that nickname doesn’t offend) is it’s the only western country in the eastern world, Queensland, Hervey bay in particular is of the upmost strategic importance in a giant war if it involves China vs NATO. It’s hard to say where one would want to be when some thing breaks

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