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U.S. “Inflation at 53-year low” — Lol!!!

by Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls Canada:

I’ve made a point of doing my posts about the BIGGEST LIES about U.S. inflation in our Hyperinflation Thread. Why? Because it takes more than just lots and lots and lots of money-printing to end up with hyperinflation. It also takes gigantic lies.

People (even the Sheep of our own societies) won’t passively sit around while governments (i.e. bankers) totally destroy their own currency…unless they don’t know/understand what is actually taking place. Thus hyperinflation is only possible in nations which tell really, really, really BIG lies about inflation.

With the U.S. (unquestionably) being the global leader in telling the largest lies about inflation; this strongly implies that the U.S. is the most likely place for any hyperinflation to begin. Headlines such as this are convincing evidence:

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1 comment to U.S. “Inflation at 53-year low” — Lol!!!

  • Iguana One

    Of course inflation is at a 53 year low!
    I’ll tell you why. So much money has been printed and put into circulation that inflation should be at a 53 year high! But……since the liars in the Fed Bank fudged up the true numbers, the resulting sum of this folly is remarkable!
    Look! Hey guys! Inflation is low! What a good job your doing Mr. Fed.
    We are so grateful you are protecting our way of life here in Amerika by lying to us about everything. or maybe they really believe this poppycock?

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