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Truth Threat: Government Employees Urged to Spy On Each Other In Effort to Stop “Leaks”

from Democracy Now!:

As the media focuses almost exclusively on Edward Snowden’s possible whereabouts, more details on the Obama administration’s crackdown on whistleblowers have come to light. A new investigative report has revealed the administration’s crackdown on leaks extends far beyond high-profile cases like Snowden or the Associated Press, to the vast majority of government agencies and departments — even those with no connection to intelligence or national security. For nearly two years, the White House has waged a program called “Insider Threat” that forces government employees to remain on the constant lookout for their colleagues’ behavior and to report their suspicions. It targets government officials who leak any information, not just classified material.

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2 comments to Truth Threat: Government Employees Urged to Spy On Each Other In Effort to Stop “Leaks”

  • dave

    if only, and we can always hope and wish, that these feral lowlifes start ratting each other out, after that, then things get personal and they go hunting each other down, for what one did to the other, and then hopefully the whole vicious cycle goes to the point they have destroyed themselves , while the rest of us sit back and grin, of what goes around ,comes around,

  • dave18

    well had to come back, reason why, after a heavy discussion at the local bar tonight, one of guys mentioned something that was so relevant, just had to come back to this, and add to the earlier post, what I said above, IS WHAT THE POWERS THAT BE ,WANT TO SEE HAPPEN, they want to see the lower employees at each others throats, they want bad things to happen for more excuses to do more against everyone , , ect, guess the best thing that we should wish that happens, is that no one plays the game the elite want, and everyone sticks together , and do things to drive the elite nuts , like more LEAKs!!

    how about that ,,,

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