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Top five silver commentators

by Jan Skoyles,

For those of you new to silver investment, you are perhaps looking at the price and wondering if now is a good time to buy silver and what the future has in store for gold’s sister metal. A recent Best of the Web feature looked at silver investment demand and how it was undervalued compared to paper assets, the author concludes that silver demand is about to ‘explode’. So on that basis we thought it helpful to bring you a list of those commentators we look out for when we’ve got some questions about silver.

To make up this list we had a couple of our own we wanted to make sure made it and then I turned to Twitter and asked you all who your top five silver commentators were. We had lots of suggestions so we’ve had to narrow it down a bit. We’d love to hear your thoughts on those included (and not included) in the comments below.

One person who we have to give special mention to is Hugo Salinas-Price. He was mentioned to us by quite a few Twitter followers and G+ Community members. Our key reason for leaving him out was because this list includes only those who provide regular market commentary.

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