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Obama Family’s African Vacation

from SchiffReport:

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3 comments to Obama Family’s African Vacation

  • Po Rich

    I need a job…I’ll take care of the dog and show movies for 60,000. per year (relocation costs to the White House included. Save the taxpayer 140 thousand. For another 20,000. I’ll run the country and I don’t need to fly all over the place to do it.

  • The Truth

    Just a little more change voters can believe in..LOL! Pocket change that is! I wonder if the President needs a shoe shine boy? After all got to make sure the shoes are as slick as the suit and the man spending the cha ching..LOL!

  • Karma Respect

    Champagne Socialists the worlds greatest CON!

    Meanwhile the peasants become impoverished.

    HOPE is all that is LEFT

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