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Timeo Danaos … The EU’s Poisoned Pawn Acts Up Again

by Pater Tenebrarum,

Greek Coalition Government Loses A Member

It all started innocuously enough: the Greek coalition government led by Antonis Samaras decided to pull the plug on the state-owned TV station, which has been a constant drain on the government’s dwindling financial resources. One actually wonders why a government needed to be in possession of its own TV station. Isn’t there more than enough government propaganda already? However, the reaction of unions, employees of the TV station and ultimately the public at large, was so negative, that the leftist coalition partners PASOK and the ‘Democratic Left’ led by Fotis Kouvelis got cold feet – in spite of having agreed to the measure beforehand – and tried to dissociate themselves from it after the fact. Now Kouvelis has removed his two ministers from the already shaky coalition government. That makes it more and more likely that new elections will have to be called eventually, as PASOK is not necessarily the most reliable coalition partner either. If so, then Syriza is likely to be the winner. If that were to happen, the entire bailout strategy would be in tatters.

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