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The Weekend Vigilante June 8

by Jeff Berwick, Dollar Vigilante:

Hello from Acapulco,

I’ve recently moved my home office downstairs in our house. The house is built into a hillside and has five long sets of stairs from the bottom to the top where my bedroom is. Prior to moving my office downstairs I’d spend most of the day in the upper parts far removed from street level in this private, gated community. Now that my office is downstairs I spend time with a view out of a window to a patio directly overlooking the quiet street where the free market action has been remarkable. I had no idea what was going on as my wife or our maid will generally handle the daily affairs of the house.

Almost every ten minutes one truck or another offering services drives by. Today the garbage crew came by in a blur, barely coming to a complete stop as a few young guys hopped off the back, threw our garbage into the truck and whisked off. They aren’t city garbage collectors (I’m not sure such a thing even exists here) and are likely paid out of the monthly property payment made to the community here. A few minutes later I was out on the patio and a bottled water company drove by and asked me if we needed more water. I wasn’t even aware that was how we received our water, but I asked our maid upstairs and she said to buy a few bottles so I did and they carried the water all the way up to the kitchen for just a few dollars.

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