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The Truth About Posers: How Arrogance, Ignorance and Under-Education Can Get You Killed

by Paul Markel, AmmoLand:

I wouldn’t worry about how many rounds the gun holds. If you can’t get the job done with the first couple of shots you probably can’t get it done.” That quote was offered within earshot at a gun shop I occasionally frequent by the resident expert standing behind the counter.

The recipient of the advice was a middle-aged woman looking for her first defensive handgun. In the clerk’s hand was an S&W J-frame revolver that he was attempting to convince her to purchase. What qualifications did the clerk possess to advise this woman that after the first couple of shots the rest were gratuitous? The best I could tell was that he owned firearms and worked in a gun shop.

If we accept the previously offered logic, lawmen nationwide should be carrying 3-shot sidearms to save the taxpayer from purchasing all that wasteful and superfluous ammunition. After all, aren’t lawmen better trained than the woman in question? Certainly a police officer should be able solve any shooting problem with a “couple of shots”.

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