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The stage is set for WW3: 20,000 Troops Advance Toward Aleppo Syria!

from DAHBOO77:

Now that Obama has decided to Back the Rebels , It will only be a matter of time before Assad is Cornered and Forced to drop everything he has at Israel !

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2 comments to The stage is set for WW3: 20,000 Troops Advance Toward Aleppo Syria!

  • jonathan

    I was just thinking, what if the Russians are calling all the shots in Syria? What if the Russians have been telling Assad not to defeat the rebels knowing that America would eventually commit and when they do Assad will bring out the S300’s that are already there? USA will look like the bad guy and Russians like the heroes saving Syria from Al Queda (which was created by USA). What if the US military wants to be the bad guy? What if the US military doesn’t want to go around the world making money for bankers and corporations any longer? If you study advanced military strategies my theory doesn’t seem to implausible. Everyone in America knows they need a military. Most people know the politicians and their corporate banker friends got to go because they are the real enemy of the American people. Hopefully the US military is on the side of the American People and not their enemies.

  • jerry

    Distraction with capitol D

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