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The Greed of Powerful Thieves

It’s sad when we have to give one another a pep-talk and remind ourselves that keeping what we earn is NOT a criminal act: it’s NOT theft, it’s NOT cheating!

by Kelly Diamond, Global Wealth Protection:

It’s equally tragic when we find the system we once relied upon for fair and consistent adjudications, is selling the private sector down the river, leaving us little or no recourse to defend our wealth and assets.

Imagine if you were out with a group of folks for drinks and dinner. You hear the orders of each person: one orders a caviar starter, others are ordering vintage bottles of wine, some order rare game for their entrée, others are ordering several side dishes along with their meals… Meanwhile, you’ve ordered a glass of wine, a side salad, and a chicken entrée. As if there was even a break in the ordering, the server comes by and asks if anyone wants dessert. Another wave of orders rolls in with folks ordering aperitifs, dessert wines and ports, dessert plates, and cappuccinos. You pass on the dessert.

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  • rich

    Sowell wants to protect the thieves that sold America down the drain………….

    Ralph Nader: How Big Business Has Taken Control of the US Government

    What are the consequences of lifting financial regulations and allowing big businesses to accumulate power without limits? What about launching a full-scale invasion that leads to years of endless war? Some pundits echo the voices of their governments, egging them on towards their special interests. Others dissent—and later say, “I told you so.”

    Former presidential candidate and Nation contributer Ralph Nader joins Amy Goodman on Democracy Now! to discuss his new book, Told You So: The Big Book of Weekly Columns, a compilation of his columns from over the years and the social marginalization of those who predict catastrophes from the beginning.

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