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The Gold Bull vs The Paper Tiger

by Peter Schiff, Gold Seek:

That’s all, folks. One look at the headlines will tell you the gold bull market is officially over: the stock market is booming, a modest recovery of the US economy is underway, and the dollar is dominating the forex. Time to sell your bullion and get back into US stocks!

Does anyone really believe this story at this point? Haven’t we been through this time and again since 2008? Remember “green shoots”?

The sad truth is that American investors, accustomed to a world of rising stock and housing prices for several generations, are experiencing short-term memory loss. It’s as if their longing for the “good old days” has made them subconsciously suppress any unpleasant memories.

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1 comment to The Gold Bull vs The Paper Tiger

  • Frank Zak

    Housing beats everything for safety and
    security over the long term.

    In a recession rates are low and it actually
    helps buyer.

    Los Angeles listing prices are up 34% year
    over year. Las Vegas 25 %.

    I would expect to see this run take out the old highs.

    We just saw a spike low in housing last year.

    Buy land, they ain’t making it any more.
    quote Will Rogers.

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