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The Chinese are Breaking Down the Door to Buy At These Prices

by David Schectman,

Our naïve administration is backing a rebel Al Qaeda group that does not have Democracy or the West’s interest at heart. Throwing Israel to the wolves is the last thing the West needs. Unless, of course, sowing the seeds of a nuclear world war is somehow in our best interest. Add to that, Iran’s desire and near-term capability to create dozens of nuclear bombs and a 250-pound Black Swan is just about ready to shock the world.

For those of you who still don’t get it – and there are many who fit that description, if you think that the Fed and JPMorgan can hold down the price of gold with paper contracts and naked shorting on the Comex, think again! All they have managed to do is create an artificially low price that spurs on buying. The Chinese are breaking down the door to buy at these prices. The Indians and Russians are fighting for more physical supply. And our phone lines are quiet. People, what is wrong with you? Don’t you get it yet? We try our best to help you understand that this is the last great buying opportunity you will ever see and our bullishness is based on FUNDAMENTALS, not B.S. Look at what is happening to the Fed’s balance sheet.

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