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Ted Cruz Blasts Gang Of Eight’s Immigration Bill, Then Launches National Petition Against It

by Tim Brown, Freedom Outpost:

In an address on the Senate floor on Wednesday, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) blasted the Gang of Eight’s immigration reform bill demonstrating that it fails to secure the border. He then followed it up with a nation-wide petition to “Stop amnesty and demand border security.”

On Wednesday, Cruz said “Neither the Gang of Eight bill nor many of the alternative border security proposals that have been introduced do enough to meaningfully secure our borders. The last time this body passed major immigration reform was 1986.”

The Texas senator appealed to his own state where border security could mean the difference of life and death for Texas residents. “The insecurity of our borders is causing human tragedies in our country, many of which are occurring in in my home state of Texas.”

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3 comments to Ted Cruz Blasts Gang Of Eight’s Immigration Bill, Then Launches National Petition Against It

  • Jonathan

    How many out of work veterans are there why can’t they give them a job working rugged parts of the border? There are so many contractors doing nothing for the American people and getting lots of money. They got to spend that money on something useful like protecting the border which seems like something that would be considered a matter of national security.

  • jerry

    I would think fencing , cameras, a drone or two could take care of most of it without increasing the police state were already in . increasing national security might not be the answer . Its the drug and gangs all controlled by our darker forces keeping the boarder open in my opinion. Not a damn thing can be done it seems, without first the true traitors tried for treason. Starting with the gang of 8

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