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Jim Quinn, The Burning Platform:

I never considered that my dinky little blog would ever draw the attention of anyone other than a few libertarian minded people. We draw about 15,000 visitors per day, which is tiny in comparison to hundreds of popular sites. I do consider my site to be anti-status quo, pro-Constitution, pro-liberty, pro-freedom, anti-neocon, anti-liberal, pro-common sense website.

I believe our country has been captured by a small cadre of powerful, wealthy, psychotic, evil men. I believe we have reached a point of no return. Our system cannot be reformed through the democratic process because the system has been corrupted by the wealth of those in control. True capitalism hasn’t existed since 1913. The masses are controlled through propaganda and entitlements.

We’ve descended into a Brave New World/1984 dystopian nightmare. Developments over the last few weeks have veered heavily towards the Orwellian fascist surveillance state. I’ve never been a big conspiracy theory kind of guy, until this week.

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