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Taxation Without Representation is Alive and Well

by Logan Albright, Mises:

Taxation without representation is a powerful phrase. It is one that sparked one of the most important revolutions the world has ever seen. Consequently, one would hope that governments would have learned the lesson that extracting taxes from people who reap no benefit from their use is a dangerous, or at the very least, an unwise course of action.

Yet, this sort of unilateral demand remains depressingly common as governments clamor for any way they can think of to secure more revenue for their ever increasing spending projects. One example of such behavior comes from the American government seeking to collect taxes from nominal citizens who have lived their whole lives abroad and who have no ties to the country which they are expected to financially support.

Some Canadians, born in the U.S., are rebelling against the practice, arguing that their United States citizenship is merely an accident of birth and does not reflect either their loyalty or their heritage. They do not vote in American elections and reap no benefit from the domestic policies that taxes are meant to support.

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