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Syrian Rebels Reported To Have Taken Over UN-Run Border Crossing In Golan Heights

by Chris Carrington, The Daily Sheeple:

There has reportedly been heavy fighting in the Golan heights and Syrian rebels have taken over a UN-run border crossing. The fighting continues very near Israeli held territory near the town of Quneitra.

The White House has called on Iran and the Lebanese Hezbollah to withdraw from the fighting. The rebel forces pledged to hit back at Hezbollah on it’s own ground and several rockets hit Baalbek inside Lebanon late on Wednesday.

“The sounds of shelling are very loud,” Raya Fakhradin, who lives in nearby Majdal-Shams, told the BBC. ”Everybody is scared. People have been stocking up on food supplies so that they don’t need to leave their homes.”

Israel has not yet commented on which opposition faction has taken over the crossing and so far there has been no comment from the UN ‘peacekeeping’ force who operate and patrol the demilitarized zone.

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2 comments to Syrian Rebels Reported To Have Taken Over UN-Run Border Crossing In Golan Heights

  • Hman

    The defeated mercenaries are asked to attack UN/Israeli posts to justify Israeli strike on Hizbulla in Syria. But things are moving too fast for bureaucrats to act.

    • Upstart

      Yep, just a very obvious manufactured ‘justification’ for an Israeli incursion into Syria – to protect the border and all that.

      Guess we wont have to wait long to see if those shiny new S300 batteries the Syrians (the real ones not the mercs and the psychos) are operational………

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