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Sock Puppet Kabuki; Nikkei Today Parallels Dot-Com Bust

by Peter Schiff, Euro Pacific Precious Metals:

The Japanese stereotype of excessive courtesy is being confirmed by the actions of prime minster Shinzo Abe who is giving the world a free and timely lesson on the dangers of overly accommodative monetary policy. Whether or not we benefit from the tutorial (Japan will surely not) depends on our ability to understand what is currently happening there.

For now most economists still believe that Abe has stumbled upon the magic elixir of economic revitalization. His commitment to pull his country out of the mud by doubling the amount of yen in circulation, and raising the nation’s official inflation rate to 2%, had conferred rock star status on the formerly bland career politician. But just one year after his first critical raves arrived, the audience is heading for the exits. As it turns out, the Japanese miracle may be a simple tale of confidence easily gained, and just as rapidly lost.

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2 comments to Sock Puppet Kabuki; Nikkei Today Parallels Dot-Com Bust

  • 8Ball

    It is all Kabuki… Take the red pill

  • zed

    – get serious – the Japs are puppets,after they lost the war, got occupied and re-programmed (feminism) into these wimps, like docile zombies.
    The Fed is their Boss, and they said print!.
    The country of japan won’t go far anymore. Radiation is around, they have no free will, the Chinese are not pleased with their ‘cheating’ by devaluing, as are all other Asian nations. Japanese have Obama – BO.

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