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Snowden – Supreme Court held the Judge can sentence you for Acquitted Conduct Making Juries Irrelevant

from Armstrong Economics:

Glenn Greenwald of Britain’s The Guardian newspaper said Edward Snowden chose the semi-autonomous Chinese region Hong Kong because it was the least bad option open to him. Greenwald said that Snowden wanted to remain out of the “clutches” of the U.S. government for as long as possible but is fully aware that he won’t succeed. Snowden MUST go to China where he will be protected. There is ZERO chance for a fair trial. The US system is so bad, the jury means nothing.

People do not realize by if a jury acquits you on 9 out of 10 charges, the judge can STILL sentence you to prison on the very conduct the jury rejected!!!! Yes – this is American Justice rendering the jury nothing but a nuisance. The government does not pay attention to what the jury says in federal court. The landmark Supreme Court decision in United States v. Booker, 543 U.S. 220 (2005) rendered the mandatory and controversial Federal Sentencing Guidelines (“the Guidelines”) merely advisory. In so deciding, the Supreme Court created uncertainty that rippled through the federal circuit and district courts, resulting in inconsistencies regarding several elements of the now “advisory”. Perhaps the most contentious controversy unleashed by the Booker decision is the constitutionality of a judge’s consideration of acquitted conduct in enhanced sentencing (“acquitted-conduct sentencing”).

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