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Should People Fear Private Sector Snooping More than Government’s?

by Anthony Wile, The Daily Bell:

Over at The Atlantic, Zachary Karabell has discovered a double standard regarding corporate versus private “big data surveillance.”

We’re approaching the issue all wrong, he writes. We should not accept that the issue is American freedom versus potential Big Brother government tyranny.

What is really evident is that “we’re willing to give private corporations data, but we refuse to offer government agencies the same courtesy. That contradiction highlights a muddled, overwrought and inconsistent attitude towards privacy and freedom.”

Karabell believes that somehow there is a double standard preventing the culture at large from coming to appropriate conclusions about privacy issues within the context of government versus corporate spying. He believes that until this “schizophrenia” is resolved, there will be no closure regarding these issues and paranoia will reign. The implication is that too much of a fuss is being made over government spying.

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