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Shocking Truths about Wal-Mart

from breakingtheset:

Abby Martin goes over how Wal Mart is swallowing up the world, citing examples of sexual discrimination, environmental pollution, disregard for workers’ safety, and costing tax-payers millions of dollars.

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1 comment to Shocking Truths about Wal-Mart

  • jonathan

    I agree walmart is a serious problem but without them you’ll still have a bunch of other corporations controlling the supply line. Lets not forget about free trade agreements which are only free trade for the mega corporations that control all international trade. I have no problem with the government seizing the assets of Walmart for antitrust violations, I’d love to see that. They’re not capitalists they are the definition of fascist. But until small business can call up suppliers from around the world and have those supplies sent to their small business with no fees or tariffs or taxes just the best supplies at the best price to communities that want them we will always get screwed by the scumbags who don’t want to contribute they just want to control.

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