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Sen. Paul: NSA Surveillance Unconstitutional

from FoxNews, via YouHotNews:

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3 comments to Sen. Paul: NSA Surveillance Unconstitutional

  • B.M.

    So what’s he going to do about it?

    • Sergio of the Jungle

      Not a goddamned thing. The Pauls had a chance to create a springboard for real change at Tampa. Ron was either threatened or knew that if they created a fuss, that Rand might lose his position at the public trough. They threw the Libertarian camp into the briar patch. All RP had to do was call for a massive rally at Tampa to demonstrate against the GOP’s Old Guard and their treacherous manipulations. All he needed to do was ask for another money bomb and the buses would have rolled in. The other point was Ron was cut off at the knees by his son’s treachery when Rand backed that fop Romney. You don’t think that Mittens was selected before Ron because of his popularity, do you? No, it was deliberately orchestrated to deny the Libertarians their day.
      That son of his is dead to me and his treachery will not be forgotten. Why SGT keeps promoting this weasel is beyond me. Once a Libertarian, always a libertarian. So much for Ron Paul and his incipient revolution.
      Their machinations pre-election are still unanswered and leaves us all up in the air with a big; WTF was that all about, Ron?

  • NaySayer

    I still don’t trust Rand Paul. I trust his father, but not Rand.

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