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Russia promises legal action over NSA surveillance scandal

from Reuters, via RT:

The scandal over illegal data interception by US security services questions the correlation between the US and international law, and senior Russian officials are calling for an urgent update in Russian legislation in response.

Russia will not ignore the actions of the US authorities who had admitted leaks of personal data of Russian citizens to which the US security services had access, the Foreign Ministry’s plenipotentiary for human rights, Konstantin Dolgov, said at a special meeting initiated by the Upper House of the Russian parliament.

The move followed the revelations of former US security contractor Edward Snowden, who made public the mass surveillance and wire-tapping secretly committed by the National Security Agency in what they claimed was part of the war on terror.

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2 comments to Russia promises legal action over NSA surveillance scandal

  • Paul Prichard (Paper Bear)

    Can we expect the governments of other nations to follow suit ?
    Iceland, perhaps.

  • Karma Respect

    Is Russia who suffered most at the hands of the Zionist Jew and who has re invigorated the Christian Church in their country about to lead the world against the Zionist cancer. That cancer is communism which is he enrichment of the few usually Jewish oligarchs and banks. The tools are Confict, Conspiracy ie surrounded in secrecy, lies and deceit leading to Control and destruction of the host nation.

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