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RCM $100 Silver Bison Stampede Coin

from Bullshitkorner:

First the Royal Canadian Mint had the 20 for 20 dollar coin and now they have released a 100 for 100 dollar coin. it’s about time the mint had started releasing coins that are valued at the same price that you are purchasing it for. What makes this coin special is that the coin is worth more than the silver in it.

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5 comments to RCM $100 Silver Bison Stampede Coin

  • stuart

    why would anyone buy one of these if you live outside of canada? It would be pointless! This is just a way for the mint to obtain realistic price for silver without the spot price being at a realistic level! This is no different to our circulating coins of currency – in that they are actually worth far less intrinsically than their face value. As such I would boycott these coins.

  • theoptimist75

    Apmex has them listed but they are out of stock at the moment.
    Stuart, I agree with you in not breaking the bank on what is pretty much a rip-off (because you take the risk that they will honor the dollar value) being just 1oz of silver. I would NOT recommend it for stacking. more of a collector item. I for one like it, live in the states, and will buy 1 but that’s it. I also bought the $20 for $20 wolf, again just because I think it looks cool, NOT for stacking.

  • Johnny

    Yes, I realize that this has a MONETARY value of $100.00, but even if it had a monetary value of $5.00, it would be refreshing to see a 1 ounce silver coin with a $5.00 monetary value selling for $100.00.

    A $100.00 sell-price would be more realistic for 1 ounce than the rigged and pathetic paper price that ordinarily dictates silver’s “value”. $22.26? I hardly think so!

  • so explain how this is anything else than a win win. us stackers are right and this coin will soon have a value based on spot worth more than 100 or we are wrong and it will always be worth 100 CAD… where is the downside?

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