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Our Criminals in The State Department

from TheAlexJonesChannel:

It’s not just police departments barring employment to people whose IQ is too high, or the large number of criminals hired by TSA. The State Department now admits it’s a huge problem for them. But we already had indications of criminal activity at State.

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1 comment to Our Criminals in The State Department

  • Harvey Wallbanger

    How ironic, criminals hired by criminals. What a novel concept! As an outsider it still boggles my mind that trash like the Clintons could ever have been elected to public office given their controversial criminal backgrounds while slick Willie (real and metaphoric) was governor of Arkansas not to mention the Vince Foster affair. Far too many Americans were watching Sesame Street, Mr. Rodgers neighborhood or just plain playing with themselves to take the time to read anything of any significance.

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