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Obama Warfare

by Redmond Weissenberger, Dollar Vigilante:

Amid varying scandals in late May, President Obama gave a speech on foreign policy at the National Defense University (it’s a dismaying sign when a university is dedicated to teaching the art of global war) highlighting his administration’s goals when it comes to international conduct. Among flashing cameras and his handy teleprompter, Obama stressed the War on Terror will “come to an end at some point”. He finally acknowledged his administration is responsible for the murder of four American citizens without due process – one of which was a sixteen year-old who committed no crime other than having a radicalized father. To top it off, the President assured the public he was going to enact strict measures so the vast killing authority he granted himself would not be abused by future Oval Office holders.

The adoring media ate it up. Here was Obama, finally behaving like the peace candidate he promised back in 2008. But was he being serious? Your immediate reaction should be, when is Obama, or any President for that matter, telling the truth? I have a bridge to sell you in Toronto if you sincerely believe the guy who believes he has the moral authority to kill without repercussion will actually curtail the warfare state.

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1 comment to Obama Warfare

  • Harvey Wallbanger

    What is the commander in chimp doing wearing a robe commonly associated with someone who has a degree of intelligence?

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