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Obama Vacations To Africa, Met With A Massive “NObama” Protest

by Kristin Tate, Mr Conservative:

It was a beautiful sight.

Hundreds of African protestors came together in front of the US Embassy in Pretoria, South Africa on Friday. They were all there for a “NObama” protest, in light of President Barack Obama’s visit to Africa. Lol. What a great way to welcome Obama home.

After the protest concluded, participants held a Muslim prayer service in the street. I’m thinking we should organize some “NObama” protests right here in the USA! What do you think? Let us know your thoughts below.

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5 comments to Obama Vacations To Africa, Met With A Massive “NObama” Protest

  • Glitter 1

    How come the LSM isn’t reporting on this?I mean after all he is the recipient of the Lobel Peace Prize.What an oxymoron of biblical proportions.

    • AgShaman

      Funny…but sad….and true.

      The Syndicate chose their Manchurian Candidate well.

      Captured Media = few dissidents in general populace. They mastered their brainwashing techniques long ago….and they perfect their craft…thru “partnerships” aka…big media conglomerates.

      They are only shearing their crop….and smiling at the rest of us in the process.

      Dig deep, they are not interested in ‘pulling punches’

      People will be tested…and in the near future. If you feel like your back is against the wall….it’s because it is.

      Follow your hearts and preparations

      • Glitter 1

        Not to change the subject, but appears there is a little Melt-Up under way in the Globex at the moment.Amazing, the Large Commercials are now Net-Long and we see a Reverse Water-Fall Cascade instead of the usual Water-Fall cascade sell-off on the Globex.Hum….

  • Ed_B

    NO WAY!

    NO HOW!


  • Hoser

    Gee Barry, even your “Fellow Africans” don’t like you. TEE HEE HEE….

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