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NYC Introduces Bill To Outlaw 3D Printed Guns

Licensed gun makers would be forced to register plastic firearms

by Steve Watson, Infowars:

The New York City council introduced a bill Wednesday that would make it a crime “to create any firearm, rifle, shotgun, or any piece or part thereof,” using a 3D printer.

The legislation would, for the first time in the US, make it illegal for anyone, other than a gunsmith, to print the parts. Even licensed gun makers would have to notify police and go about registering any printed firearm within 72 hours.

Ars Techinca reports that the bill is squarely aimed at Defense Distributed, an Austin-based nonprofit digital publisher and 3D Printing R&D firm that has developed some of the world’s first 3D Printable gun components.

Last month, the group announced it was in its final stages of testing a functional firearm produced almost entirely out of plastic parts manufactured by a 3D printer, named the “Liberator pistol“. The gun was successfully fired by the group in a test that received widespread media attention.

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1 comment to NYC Introduces Bill To Outlaw 3D Printed Guns

  • dave

    guess these blithering newyork idiots never heard of a thing called lathes and mills, which can make much better/higher quality stuff than 3d printing ever can right now,

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