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Man faces 75 year prison sentence for videotaping police

by Lance Johnson, Natural News:

Abuse of power is becoming accepted at even local levels now, as absurd targeting of ordinary non-violent Americans becomes “normal.”

Michael Allison, a 42-year-old man from Robinson, a small town in Illinois, faces a 75-year prison sentence for videotaping police.

The charge waged against Michael Allison is based on an archaic Illinois eavesdropping law which slaps a 15-year prison sentence for each “eavesdropping” offense. Michael is accused of five offenses, including his videotaping of police as they walked onto his mother’s property, seizing unregistered vehicles that he was working on. Allison was also fined for his vehicles that were deemed a “public nuisance.”

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2 comments to Man faces 75 year prison sentence for videotaping police

  • Old Phart

    There’s a lot more to this particular story, which periodically goes nationwide in attention, than people outside the Southeastern Illinois area are made privy. Last I knew Mr. A resided in Bridgeport, IL (a whackdoo Deep So IL town where the Mayor just pleaded guilty to serious Federal charges for years of crookedness and malfeasance that finally caught up with him due to journalistic efforts of DISCLOUSRE magazine, a publication that goes from the Ohio River northward to Champaign, IL with coverage of rottenness.) Unless the sitch has changed these old cars were located at Mr. A’s mama’s house in Robinson, a rowdy lil’ town, but with major oil wealth, along with money from the former Heath Candy factory there now rolled into Hershey’s conglomerate. He wasn’t a Shade Tree Mechanic out busting ass working on revitalizing and restoring these cars; according to DISCLOSURE (a monthly publication that uncovers dirt in So IL as SGTreport does globally online) those vehicles just sat there like hoard cars in a yard, potential homes for varmints, snakes, whatever.

    Mr. A is very good as self-promotion of his “spin” on this story to gain sympathy. Now make no mistake, Illinois most certainly IS “the Commie State of Illinois”; I’ve said in recent years Illinois may be a testing ground. The Chicago Machine now has reach to D.C. and if some shit can be rammed down the throats of those in The Prairie State it may set precedence to do it elsewhere. But with this dude there are many aggravating circumstances to factor in. Back about the time he appeared on Alex Jone’s Infowars, and I heard that segment, I chuckled out loud at how Alex was taken in. Mr. A got local coverage in DISCLOSURE in a matter of days/weeks. I tried to find a link, but was unable. Their print version carries diffeent material than their Disclosure News Online platform as well as their Facebook coverage. At that time Mr. A was appearing in court, before (if I recall correctly) Judge Kim Harrell. Knowing the rep Mr. A had for his goofy antics (and he then wraps himself in the Constitution trying to play the victim while busily exacerbating situations on his own) Judge Harrell flat-out asked him several times IF he had a recording device on him that day in court, as in the State of IL until that law is taken off the books to do so is illegal. He bare-faced maintained that he most certainly did not have a recording device on his person nor running. After the court appearance it was found he most certainly had, and that t had secreted a running recording device on his person that day. I don’t know if they even bothered to peg him on that charge, OR even pursue perjery. Sometimes the legal system ignores crazy rather than foul up the process even more.

    As a citizen I personally have a problem with the heavy-handed, sometimes jackbooted behaviors of disallowing photographing/video-tapping of legal incidents going down on public areas and private property. Citizens should have a right to do so, IMO. DISCLOSURE, who is about as far from MSM as a publication can get in their digging for the truth, deals as a professional media with the restrictions to film at sites and has to get inventive in the past year to manage to do so. But after following Mr. A’s situation since he went to Infowars he brings a lot on himself by his behaviors which he spins and omits. I’m all for citizens having rights to do what they desire to do, unimpeded. But Mr. A IF he wants sympathy from ME would be better served to look for the word between “shit and sympathy” in the dictionary. He’s not someone sincerely wanting solutions, he’s more of a problem as peeps in Southeastern IL recognize. I sure wouldn’t want that crazy f’ker for a neighbor when the SHTF. He’d be about as much help in the situation as tits on a boar hog. All talk, no walk, imo, when it comes to The Constitution.

  • Old Phart

    Sorry. Better served to look for sympathy “between shit and syphillis” in the dictionary is what I meant.

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