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Maher and the Liberals Defend NSA Surveillance Grid

by Kurt Nimmo, Infowars:

Bill Maher trusts Obama to use the NSA’s surveillance grid to find terrorists and crazies with nuclear bombs. “We live in a world of nuclear weapons and there are religious fanatics who would love to get one and set it off here,” he said on Friday night.

Bill Maher said he’s scared and that’s why he supports turning America into a Stasi surveillance state. He wants the rest of us to be scared, too, so we’ll support the government. “You know, the fact that a city can be just demolished in one second kind of tips the scale for me. So, I’m not saying to look into your emails is the right thing, I’m just saying, I’m not going to pretend it’s because I’m brave; it’s because I’m scared,” he said.

This is nonsense. Does Maher really think terrorists plotting to nuke New York or Philadelphia would make plans using an iPhone or Gmail? Is he really that stupid? I don’t think so. Bill Maher is a propaganda tool used by the establishment. He gets on HBO and says what the establishment tells him to say. Otherwise he wouldn’t be on corporate television.

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2 comments to Maher and the Liberals Defend NSA Surveillance Grid

  • Ed_B

    “Maher and the Liberals Defend NSA Surveillance Grid”

    Then maybe they should be singled out for special scrutiny. Let’s see if they like that.

  • Praxis

    Wow, way to murder the single idea which protects this population from any and all foreign invasion, period. <– that's a double period.

    This propaganda is infuriating.
    I've lost friends because of it. UNJUSTIFIED. <– That period is in the extreme.

    It pisses me off, vehemently, when people I like and have fun with are psychologically coerced into being vulnerable and malleable of such insanity as letting down their guard. To the point of repulsion of any reference to such.. it's mind blowing. It really makes a steady head want to explode. I know I am not alone.

    I know this a passing thing but damn, it doesn't not compound (cutely like interest). Nothing grinds my gears more than apologizing for tyranny. Nothing. Not even infidelity. Nothing.

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