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Judge Napolitano & Fox’s Smith Rail Against NSA Abuse: ‘We’re Not Letting This Go.’

from Fox News, via MichaelSavage4Prez:

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3 comments to Judge Napolitano & Fox’s Smith Rail Against NSA Abuse: ‘We’re Not Letting This Go.’

  • Ed_B

    Yes, the slippery slope really is coated in grease and, if history is any guide at all, it is also coated in blood.

    There should be an immediate class action suit on behalf of all 113 million Verizon customers who are being snared in this tyrannical move. A multi-billion dollar law suit should get the attention of even the NSA.

    Furthermore, all Verizon customers should cancel their contracts because their 4th amendment rights have been given away by Verizon and violated by the US Fed Gov. Verizon should have gotten an injunction from a higher court to stop this nonsense and then made arguments to the courts all the way up to the US Supreme Court, if necessary. Instead, they took the easy way out instead of defending liberty. Shame on them. I will never ever do business with Verizon or any other company that behaves in this cowardly manner.

  • Blackdog

    I just called Version Wireless and told them they were despicable company and I will never do business with them. My girl friend is canceling her contract with them as well.

  • Jonathan

    Let me get this straight they’ve just announced to the terrorists of the world that they are monitoring all phone communications. The response will obviously be for terrorists to stop communicating through phone lines. So how is Lindsey Graham stupid enough to believe this program will catch any terrorists. If a Mafiosa is aware his phone was tapped would he talk business on the phone, I think not. So what is can this program be used for if they’ve terrorists aren’t going to use the phone to plan their acts of terrorism? Anybody have any ideas?

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