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Jim Sinclair: This Will Save You 83% of Your Assets

from Silver Doctors:

Jim Sinclair continues to urge PM investors to take action now to prevent the coming theft of their savings and assets at the hand of the banksters:
Funds can be bailed In. Charities can be bail-In. Institutions can be bailed-in, non profits can be bailed-in. Hedge funds can be bailed in.
In Cyprus there were no exceptions. Here there will be no exceptions. There will be no exception unless you make the exception for yourself.

If Cypriots had followed Sinclair’s advice below they would have saved 83% of their assets. Have you prepared?

From Jim Sinclair:

This will save you 83% of your assets.

Read about “Bail-in” from the horse’s mouth, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, and the Bank of England. In Canada Bail-In is written directly in their most recent budget submission papers. A depositor and account holder anywhere in the Western financial world is an unsecured creditor of the financial institution. Everything in your account can be Bailed-In, everything!

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