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Jim Sinclair Selling Everything to Buy Gold

[Ed. note: According to Baron Rothschild you should “Buy when there’s blood on the streets”. Are you exchanging your fiat for real money?]

from Silver Doctors:

With gold breaking below $1200 , legendary gold trader Jim Sinclair has sent an email alert to subscribers advising PM investors that knowing the system is in collapse, he intends to buy gold withevery asset at my disposal today and tomorrow, and I suggest the stout of heart do the same.

From Jim Sinclair:

The economic system is failing, and to counter the now publicly perceived failure, central planners are manipulating the symptoms and not the problem.

Gold has never been easy.
Gold is the tell tale of a broken system.
Gold therefore is the barometer of the risk factors of economic conditions.

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4 comments to Jim Sinclair Selling Everything to Buy Gold

  • john 2


    I took your advice months back and picked up the Kooks with the dragon privy and some Canadian Wildlife coins. What silver coins are the best buy right now…something with a relatively small premium that will likely be going up in value. I’m getting ready to buy some 2013 Chinese Pandas…what else looks good?

    • Eric

      John, I tend to stay away from the chinese stuff with all the fakes that have come out. Mike Maloney did a video on that not too long ago. Anything from the perth is usually pretty good. I love the canadian wildlife series. Some of the nicest I’ve seen. Did you see what Brother John F has to say lately?

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