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Jennifer Winn: How To Successfully Transition To a ‘Great-Fit’ Career

from ChrisMartensondotcom

As many Peak Prosperity readers know, I was on a very different career track before opting out of the corporate race and teaming up with Chris.

I had been dissatisfied for years leading up to this career transition. There were many reasons for this, but at the core, it was because there was a disconnect between the work I was doing and the values I held. As a result, I found myself committing 60+ hours per week to a job that didn’t fulfill me, nor did I feel was relevant to the type of future ahead as forecasted by the Crash Course.

To maximize my odds for success in transitioning not just to a new job — but hopefully to a lifelong “great-fit” career — I spent a lot of time studying the science of career management and engaging with a platoon of professional consultants and executive coaches. Through this research I learned that there are indeed time-honored practices that statistically and materially can improve your chances for identifying work that matches your aptitudes and passions AND for finding gainful employment in this new field.

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