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Italy Confronts Germany, Adding Additional Euro Pressure

from The Daily Bell:

Italian showdown with Germany over euro looms closer … Italy’s simmering revolt against Germany, austerity and its own ultra-European elites is coming to a head again, in a reminder that the deep clash of interests between the euro’s north and south remains as bitter as ever … Silvio Berlusconi called for a showdown, or ‘Braccio di Ferro’, with northern powers before Italy loses its chemical, car and steel industries. – UK Telegraph

Dominant Social Theme: A lot of trouble in Europe, but the great experiment still stands!

Free-Market Analysis: Greece has been relegated to the status of a Third World country, the complicity of German leaders with the ever-inflating ECB is due for a judicial hearing, British leaders are committed to a referendum on whether Britain should pull out of the EU entirely, Spain is broke, Portugal is busted … and Italian leaders are getting ready to square off with German bankers over “austerity.”

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