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Is Obama Starting A War With Syria Just To Distract Us From All The Scandals?

by Michael Snyder, Economic Collapse Blog:

Well, isn’t that convenient?  At the moment when the Obama administration is feeling more heat then ever before, it starts another war.  Suddenly everyone in the mainstream media is talking all about Syria and not about the IRS scandal, Benghazi, NSA snooping or any of the other political scandals that have popped up in recent weeks.  As if on cue, Obama made headlines all over the globe on Thursday by claiming that the Syrian government has used chemical weapons against the rebels “multiple times”, and that the U.S. was now ready to do more to assist the rebels.  That assistance is reportedly going to include “military support” for the rebels and a no-fly zone over at least part of Syria is being discussed.  Without a doubt, these are acts of war, and this conflict is not going to end until Assad has been ousted.  But Assad will not go quietly.  And all it would take is for Assad to fire a couple of missiles at Tel Aviv for a huge regional war to erupt in the Middle East.  And what happens if Russia or China decides to get involved in the conflict in Syria?  Obama is playing with fire, but he has shown again and again that he is willing to do virtually anything if it will benefit him politically.

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4 comments to Is Obama Starting A War With Syria Just To Distract Us From All The Scandals?

  • misterkel

    when will these bloggers realize that Obama is not making the decisions? Did W make them – NO. He’s just a teleprompter reader, not the real power.

  • 8Ball

    The scandals are secondary… this is to build a front for the future invasion of Iran.

    People continue to swallow the administratration’s horsechit about chemical weapons and “humanitarian” missions while the presstitutes hype the story. The truth is that the Syrian Army is kicking rebel butt so the US must find a way for it and it’s “allies” to invade the country.

    They will probably drag “Colon” Powell out of retirement and send him to the UN again to present his “evidence”.

  • NaySayer

    Yep, this is an old old plan dating back to Bush’s turn at the puppet in chief office. They want to take out Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and Iran. They have gotten all but the last two and in the end they want to control the middle east’s oil and encircle russia and china with military bases.

  • Upstart

    It took WW2 to destroy Europe so that it could be reformed as the European Union. Will it take WW3 to destroy the US/North America and merge it into the European Union to form the New World Order?

    As I mentioned on an earlier post, I think the Syrian Government may have other ideas about a no-fly-zone being imposed on them, and may in fact be planning on imposing a ‘no fly zone’ on NATO and Israeli aircraft in that area themselves. If they can move up thier shiny and new Russian made S300 and Tor anti-aircraft systems in time, that is.

    I guess, one way or the other, we shall soon see just how effective Russian anti-aircraft missiles are against NATO and Israeli warplanes, and how effective NATO and Israeli anti-aircraft systems (especially Patriot and Iron Dome) are against incoming Iranian supplied balistic missiles.

    The wild card is Russia.

    Historically, the Russians/Soviet Union have backed away from a full on confrontation with the US and NATO. Every time the Russians had the upper hand, Uncle Sam would threaten the ‘Sampson Option’ and the Russians/Soviets backed down. From the Cuban missile crisis up to the NATOing of Georgia.

    Georgia was a tipping point for Russia. The attempted ‘ethnic cleansing’ of Russians in Georgia (so as to push Russian influence and land access behind the Caucaus and hand Georgia to NATO and Israel) was the straw that broke the camels back. Russia used 1970’s and 1980’s surplus equipment to crush the Georgian aggressors and destroy thier new NATO standard bases – a powerful demonstration that all that ‘old’ equipment was still useful (and expendable). Russia then left the equipment in strategic locations to use in the protection of the new Russian exclave.

    When the US tried to set the Russians up for a war (by flying Georgian reinforcements / troops dressed in US uniforms and carrying US weapons) back to Georgia (directly over Russian anti-aircraft batteries), the Russians did not act, as they saw that it was a set up for a wider war. Imagine seeing bodies of hundreds of military personal wearing US uniforms floating in the Black Sea being beemed around the world on TV. No one would wait for ID, they would just call for blood – like what happened in 9/11.

    Western backed political attemts to get the Russian Black Sea Fleet out of the Ukraine
    also failed.

    This latest attempt to push the Russians out of their naval base in Tartus, Syria will also likely fail as Russia have sent naval reinforcements from both the Black Sea and the Pacific Fleet (some nuclear capable) to defend Tartus.

    The US is desparate to get the Russians out of Tartus (oil, gas, and the petrodollar / new currency), and Israel needs them out to consolodate thier hold of the Golan Heights of Syria, so that they can move on the water.

    I think this time, if the US threatens nuclear war on Russia, if they dont back down, the Russians will just say bring it on.

    A nuclear exchange will certainly be one way to reduce the global population, crash the global economy, redraw the global political map (New World Order), and consolodate power, all in one go.

    Kissenger, Brezinsky, Bush snr, Mrs Clinton, Prince Phillip, Netanyahu, Van Rompuy, Rockerfella Snr, and Rothschild snr, must all be wetting themselves with excitement.

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