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If the Syrian Dictator Must Go… Why Not the Dictators in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Bahrain?

If We’re “Fighting for Democracy”, then Why Are We Arming and Financially Supporting Dictatorships throughout the Middle East?

by George, Washington’s Blog:

Western Israeli leaders call Syrian leader Assad a dictator.

Fair enough. He and his father have ruled Syria since 1971.

But what about Saudi Arabia? The Saudi royal monarchy has been ruling that region for hundreds of years.

Wikipedia notes:

Due to its authoritarian and theocratic rule, the House of Saud has attracted much criticism during its rule of Saudi Arabia. Its opponents generally refer to the Saudi monarchy as totalitarians or dictators.

There have been numerous incidents of demonstrations and other forms of resistance against the House of Saud.

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4 comments to If the Syrian Dictator Must Go… Why Not the Dictators in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Bahrain?

  • NaySayer

    This question is rhetorical right? We all know that we love OUR dictators. We supported some of the worst dictators in world history like Reza Pahlavi a.k.a. the Shah of Iran. We actually suppressed a democratic coup agaist him. Army officers decided they wanted to be a democracy and they expected us to help them but our govt. screwed them over in a nasty way because we would rather have a dictator as long as he is OUR dictator.

    This is why Americans are hated. It isn’t for our rapidly dwindling freedoms, it is because of the hypocrisy and greed of our corporate controlled politicians.

  • Hman

    Well, I am now in Bahrain.. but the question is do I want a dictator or an EU and or US style democracy. Well lets compare both:

    My dictator offers:

    1. Zero taxes.. i.e. no income tax, no VAT, no property tax … etc.
    2. Free education.
    3. Free healthcare.
    4. Subsidized housing loans @ 2% for 20 year.
    5. Free small business support of $80’000, plus loans for up to $500’000 of which 50% guaranteed by gov.
    5. Subsidized basic foods, electricity and fuel. A sliced white loaf of bread is 30 cents, my 3 bedroom house electricity is $50/month and I fill my Audi S8 tank for less than $20.

    Or do I want an UK, EU or US style “democracy” that allows voting and freedom of speech but forces the following:

    1. 40% income tax in my bracket.
    2. 10 to 20% VAT.
    3. Property tax, energy tax, … the list is too long ..
    4. My car needs between $80-150 to fill up with gas (depending on where you are).
    5. 3 bedroom electricity $200, loaf of bread for $2 .. etc.

    My quick conclusion is that my dictator right now is a lesser dictator than the dictatorship of a US and EU “democracy”. It’s a choice between keeping my mouth shut or having my property stolen and I choose the latter until we can have it both ways.

    • Jacobson

      All the pros and cons you mentioned shrink when it comes to individual freedom .

      Let me know , what would happen to you if you drink wine ?
      Are women can dress how they want ?
      What about music ?
      And would happen to you if you’ll speak against your dictator ?

      Nice to know where you from …

      • Hman

        Wine is freely available but cannot drink on the street.

        Woman can dress the way they want but not underware on the street.

        Huh, music is everywhere.

        But cannot speak ‘too bad’ about Mr dictator.

        This is not Saudi Arabia.

        I am from Bahrain.

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