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‘I am Bradley Manning’ campaign goes viral

from RTAmerica:

The second week of the Bradley Manning case was filled of testimonies from Pentagon officials explaining how the soldier’s disclosure of sensitive information harmed America’s national security. And although the mainstream media isn’t giving the trial the attention many say it deserves, the “I am Bradley Manning” campaign has been gathering a lot of support for the whistleblower and is now drawing attention from the starts in Hollywood. Logan Price, activist and independent producer, joins us to explain why he decided to kickoff the video campaign.

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2 comments to ‘I am Bradley Manning’ campaign goes viral

  • misterkel

    Glad somebody is doing something for this. Manning is a real hero.

  • Douglas Stone

    More people are interested in the dispute between DoucheBag Chris Duane and the Shit Sandwich Rob Gray. Bradley Manning is fucked and no one is coming to his rescue. Save yourselves no one is coming to help you either.

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