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How The New Billionaires and Trillionaires Will Preserve Their Capital

by Jim Sinclair, JS Mineset:

Dear Extended Family,

This is how our new billionaires and trillionaires will preserve their capital for ten generations to come.

This letter might as well be to you. The question is not if Bail-In will occur in North America, it is a question of how big it will be. The answer to that is simple.

The size of the Bail-In or “Major Wealth Tax on Unsecured bank lenders (deposits), will be the size of the entire OTC derivative loss less what occurs when Legacy OTC Derivatives are marked to market less the capital of the financial institutions.

Any idea that losses end at the capital position of a financial institution is total nonsense. The size of the loss might well be the final resolve process of the setting up a “Resolution Bad Derivative Trust” for the bankruptcy of the huge amount of legacy OTC derivatives still floating like a mine field financially in cyberspace. This will occurs in the following order.

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