The Phaserl


High Crimes

by Jack D. Douglas, Lew Rockwell:

It is SOP for police, FBI, and all sorts of private corps. and military orgs. to work with criminals to achieve their own criminal goals. We all remember how our Pure President Ike Eisenhower set up a CIA assassination black ops. unit to work with the Mafia to murder foreign heads of state the U.S. found unseemly. Nixon, of course, was Ike’s liaison man with that special ops. murder unit, which was a crucial reason the CIA wanted Nixon hit in the Watergate crimes, to shut him up by getting rid of him.

Of course, an even bigger reason they wanted to get rid of Nixon by setting him up with McCord and all the Plumber arch criminals from the CIA and FBI was to prevent his getting a real détente with the Soviets. No Soviets, no big terror to push the American ignorati into supporting more power and money for the CIA, FBI, etc.

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