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Hellions Inc. – Snowden’s Former Employers Exposed

by Zen Gardner,

Well, gotta say this is one tight harvest of bastards. Besides the outright fascist hit squad nature of this group, the Carlyle Group mentioned herein is nefarious to the core, as of course is the RAND corporation and others, so follow the names, follow the money, follow the wars and follow the power and oppression.

They’ll be there, along with a host of other supposedly private raptor-clusters aided and abetted by the Masonic/Satanic ruling elite and their banking, scientific and military minions. Bad to the bone. And they’re currently “calling the shots”.

“How’s that workin’ out for ya’, peeps?” Damn these bastards.

These very obvious truths about what we’re dealing with are becoming more and more evident to more and more people. It will continue to do so. Reality is shifting. Please do your part by being you. It’s up to us to resist by being awake, aware and active.

So here’s the awful Truth about another nest of anti-human scorpions…

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